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Government & Politics

Year 13

The CCEA A Level Course in Government and Politics is broken up in to two AS modules studied in Year 13 and two A2 modules studied in Year 14. 


AS 1: The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland

In this unit we study:-

  • The Government of Northern Ireland

  • The Northern Irish political parties

  • The Northern Irish electoral systems


AS 2: The British Political Process

In this unit we study:-

  • Parliament

  • The Government and Prime Minister

  • The Judiciary

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In Year 14 two further modules are studied


A2 1: Comparative Government 

In this unit we study:-

  • The United Kingdom

  • United States of America                


A2 2: Political Ideas

In this unit we study:-

  • Socialism

  • Conservatism

  • Liberalism

Country Flags

Each year Government and Politics students from Carrickfergus Academy take part in a study visit to the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Houses of Parliament in London.


On these visits pupils are given an insight into the workings of our political institutions and have the opportunity to watch live political debates.  Pupils also take part in question and answer sessions with MLAs and MPs from a range of political parties, giving you the chance to put your views across to the people in power. Our trip to London includes of course some essential political sightseeing to places such as Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, and we usually fit in a few other fun activities as well!

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Career Opportunities in Government & Politics


  • Politician

  • Journalist 

  • Television and Media                         

  • Public Sector Jobs

  • Law

  • Economist

  • Activist 

  • Armed Services and Police                          

  • Accountants

  • Banking

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