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School Assessment & Examinations

All pupils entering Year 8 will complete baseline testing using the GL suite of tests. The information from this is used to inform class placement in Year 8 and any additional support strategies required for individual pupils. Further baseline tests will be undertaken at the end of year 10 prior to transition to KS4. All baseline data assists with supporting pupils and staff to target set in each subject  area and support future learning.

All pupils undertake tracking tests up to 4 times during each academic year. These tracking events will also involve formal summer examinations for years 8,9,10 and 11 as well as mock examinations for years 12 and 14.

Class placement in KS3 will be regularly reviewed based on pupils’ performance in tracking tests.

A full annual report is provided for parents once a year along with an update following each tracking assessment. This information is communicated to parents via SIMS Parent App.

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