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Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Carrickfergus Academy offers a wide range of subjects at AS/A2 level (or equivalent), together with a comprehensive enrichment programme, meeting the needs and interests of our pupils and those of higher education and employers. This curriculum, offered in collaboration with the Carrickfergus Learning Community, encompasses traditional ‘A’ level subjects together with vocational courses. Pupils must study three AS/A2 subjects, together with suitable enrichment courses. Students must ensure that they select subjects which provide a diverse, rewarding and relevant course of study but they must equally ensure that their subject combinations will allow them to meet requirements for University or Further Education courses of their choice. Advice on university, FE entrance, or indeed any other aspect of careers, is available through members of our Careers department or UCAS teams.

The subjects available for study at Sixth Form are as follows:

  • Art

  • Business Studies

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • Government and Politics

  • Health and Social care

  • History

  • ICT

  • Media Studies

  • Religious Education

  • Science– Life and Health

  • Sports Studies

  • Technology and Design

A variety of courses have also been offered through the Carrickfergus Learning Community which include:

  • Accounting (AS/A2)

  • Biology (AS/A2)

  • Business Studies (AS/A2)

  • Chemistry (AS/A2)

  • French (AS/A2

  • Geography (AS/A2)(Classes shared with Academy)

  • Mathematics (AS/A2)

  • Moving Image Arts (AS/A2)

  • Performing Arts (BTEC Level 3)

  • Physical Education (AS/A2)

  • Physics (AS/A2)

  • Spanish (AS/A2)

This offer may change from year to year and is dependent on our partner schools within the Learning Community.

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