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Positive Behaviour

At Carrickfergus Academy we believe that everyone should feel respected, included and cared for and that every member of our school community is entitled to learn, teach and work in a safe, inclusive, supportive and respectful environment.


To this end we have a comprehensive ‘Promoting Positive Behaviour for Learning Policy’ which supports and reflects our core purposes: ASPIRE, REFLECT, ENDEAVOUR and our values: ASPIRE, ACHIEVE, RESPECT, REFLECT, SUPPORT.


Carrickfergus Academy works with Pivotal Education ( Our staff have received specialist behaviour and classroom management training with this organisation and our core purposes and values have been distilled into three key behaviour rules: BE READY, BE RESPECTFUL, BE SAFE.


Our staff acknowledge and reward positive pupil behaviour on a regular basis throughout the school year. Pupils have the opportunity to receive achievement points (parents will receive notification of these on Sims  Parent App),  small gifts from school and/or attend special events.


Unacceptable behaviours are followed up promptly and in line with the ‘Promoting Positive Behaviour for Learning Policy’.  Parents will be informed of any unacceptable behaviour on Parent App and/ or by telephone call as appropriate.


Our school uses SIMS (School Information Management System) to monitor pupil achievement and behaviour. The Pastoral Team review this data throughout the school year and provide encouragement, support and praise to pupils as required.


For further information, please refer to our ‘Promoting Positive Behaviour for Learning Policy’.

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