All Carrickfergus Academy students are expected to take pride in their personal appearance by wearing the correct school uniform at all times and complying with all aspects of the Academy's Uniform Policy.

It is our aim to promote a sense of self respect, readiness for learning and community within the student body. For this reason, we insist on high standards in dress and appearance which will contribute to a purposeful learning environment which helps prepare our students for further study or future employment.                                       


School Blazer

Plain grey kick pleat skirt (2 pleats front and back worn  at mid knee length)

Mid grey v neck woollen jumper (optional)

Plain white blouse

School Tie (Junior Yrs 8-12 and Senior Yrs 13-14)

Suitable black shoes (platform, high heels, trainer like shoes or flimsy fashion type shoes are not acceptable)

School hoody (optional)

White knee socks or plain, opaque black tights

School scarf (optional)

School ½ zip fleece (optional)



Plain Black leggings

School PE socks

Plain black tracksuit bottoms – not sweatpants

School skort (compulsory only for those representing school teams)

School polo shirt

Training shoes (not canvas shoes)


School Blazer

Plain black trousers (skinny fit are not acceptable)

Plain white shirt

School Tie (Junior Yrs 8-12, Senior Yrs 13-14)

Mid grey v neck woollen jumper (optional)

Black shoes (not black trainers or trainer like shoes)

Black or grey socks (not football socks)

School scarf (optional)

School ¼ zip fleece (optional)



School rugby shirt

School round neck T-shirt (optional)

School plain black shorts

School PE socks

Training shoes and football boots

Shin guards and gum shields

Plain black tracksuit bottoms – not sweatpants 

School hoody (optional)

Please Note:

  • Pupils may wear an outdoor coat to school. These should be navy-blue or black and must not have slogans or panels of other colours other than safety strips;

  • The official school hoody may also be worn to and from school but must be removed when in school;

  • Denim or leather clothing may not be worn to school;

  • Hair styles should be neat and tidy. Only natural hair colourings are permitted. Beading and hair extensions are not permitted nor are shaved line or extremes in hair design. At no point should pupils’ hair be cut shorter than a No.2;

  • Make up should not be worn in Years 8-10. A light make-up is acceptable in Years 11-14; any obvious or exaggerated use of make-up is unacceptable;

  • Pupils are permitted to wear a pair of small plain gold or silver round metal earrings in the lobe of each ear. No other variations are permitted. Tongue, nose and other visible piercings are strictly prohibited. Pupils wishing to get piercings should do so at the beginning of the summer holidays so that piercings will be healed for September allowing jewellery to be removed in line with school regulations. Plasters covering piercings will not be permitted. If pupils wear more jewellery than permitted, it may be confiscated and temporarily and securely stored, one single flat ring is permitted as is a wrist watch;

  • Pupils are not permitted to wear any badges or emblems other than those sanctioned by the school;

  • Students are expected to wear full and correct uniform always including to and from school;


The official suppliers of the School uniform are Cuddy’s, 18-20 Marketplace Carrickfergus; Gary’s, 1 North Street Carrickfergus and Gordon’s, 10A Green street Carrickfergus.