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Overall Vision

The History Department in Carrickfergus Academy aims to inspire a love of history in our students and an appreciation of its importance, using where appropriate, active learning strategies. We aim to instil a curiosity about the past, that will project forward into a life-long love of the subject.

We aim to provide a fully inclusive and challenging curriculum that inspires engagement and resilience in all learners whilst also providing them with the historical knowledge that will enable them to understand the world we live in today.



To promote the following through the teaching of History, Ancient History and Government and Politics.

  1. Personal excellence for all pupils.

  2. Developing an interest in the above subjects (motivating the pupils through challenging lessons and active, enquiry based learning).

  3. Pupils taking personal responsibility for their own learning in school and at home.

  4. Encouraging the pupils to be reflective learners.

  5. Building self-esteem.

Key Stage 4

Current External Exam Specifications – KS4/GCSE

History GCSE

Year 11 –      CCEA Unit 1 Section A: Modern World Studies in Depth

Option 1: Life in Nazi Germany, 1933–45

Unit 1 Section B: Local Study

Option 2: Changing Relations: Northern Ireland and its Neighbours, 1965–98

Year 12 –      CCEA Unit 2: Outline Study

International Relations, 1945–2003


Ancient History GCSE (OCR)

Year 11 –      The Persian Empire, 559–465 BC

                        Depth study – Alexander the Great, 356–323 BC.


Year 12 –      The foundations of Rome: from kingship to republic, 753–440 BC     

                        Depth study – Hannibal and the Second Punic War, 218–201 BC

A Level

Current External Exam Specifications – A Level

A Level History (CCEA)

Year 13 –  


AS1 Opt 5 Germany 1919-1945

AS2 Opt 6 Italy’s Quest for Great Power Status 1871–1943

Year 14 –      

A21 Opt 5 Clash of Ideologies in Europe 1900–2000,

A22 Opt 4 Partition of Ireland 1900–25


A-level Government and Politics (CCEA)

Year 13 –      

AS1 The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland

AS2 The British Political Process

Year 14 –      


A21 A Comparative Study of the Government and Politics of the United States of America and the United Kingdom

A22 Political Ideas


Educational Visits


It is the policy of our department to take pupils on educational visits once per year in Junior School and as appropriate in Senior School. These trips are only to be taken when there is a clear link to the taught curriculum which will then benefit the pupils learning and experience of the subject.




  1. To promote experiential learning.

  2. To make learning fun.

  3. To develop a greater understanding of the topics taught in the classroom.

  4. To help pupils develop skills of observation, listening and recording which will be useful in later life.

  5. To enhance the overall enjoyment of the subjects.

  6. To enable the pupils to present work as projects using a variety of mediums.

  7. To develop decision making skills and the ability to work in groups or as a team.



Many of the pieces of work that are completed after an educational visit are displayed on walls and used for corridor notice boards. This assists our aim of promoting the self-esteem of our pupils.


Field Trips


Year 8

Carrickfergus Castle Visit.



Year 10

Some students take part in a trip to the Somme with the WW1 Battlefields Project



Years 13 & 14 A-level 


Visit to the Somme Heritage Centre for exam based lectures.


Government and Politics trip to Westminster.


Two students annually given the opportunity to participate in The Holocaust Educational Trust’s trip to Auschwitz.


In the history department we offer revision classes for GCSE and A-level classes weekly. These are organised by each classes subject teacher and focus on revision techniques and exam skills. 

Additionally, we hold two study sessions for GCSE subjects in the days leading up to the exam.

Rememberence Day 2018

London 2019

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