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Technology and Design is a constantly evolving subject, providing opportunities for all pupils to apply creativity, scientific knowledge and numeracy skills to real world design situations. Technology and Design is concerned primarily with the design and manufacture of high quality technological products. Every design is influenced by external factors such as consumer demands, human needs, environmental impact and the design context.

At Key Stage 3, pupils study a range projects which provide the experience of working with materials and a variety of processes – 

Year 8 – Health and Safety , Key Fob , Disney Decoration, Stationary project, Graphics Module,  Focus tasks ‘Communication’, Focus Task ‘Evalautiion’, Computer Aided Design, Pneumatics 

Year 9 – Health and Safety, Night Safe project, Graphics Module, Bird House, Ipad holder Focus tasks ‘Communication’, Focus Task ‘Evalautiion’, Computer Aided Design, Pneumatics.


Year 10 –Health and Safety, Personal Light ‘CAD/CAM’, Coat hook, Packaging Project Pneumatics, Graphics Module,  Focus tasks

Students have the option to continue their studies into GCSE following the Product design course. At GCSE, 50% of the course is completed and awarded through controlled assessment tasks. Students can study Technology and Design at A2 Level. We encourage our students to reach their full potential and become confident and responsible in solving real world problems in response to a “genuine clients’” needs.

We also provide a vocational route within the offer for the pupils whereby they can complete a ‘Construction’ Level2 in Occupational studies. This area of learning focuses on mainly practical skills and allows pupils to sample a career route within trades while achieving a meaningful qualification. 

Staff Members

Mr D Simpson

Mr D Cupples

Mr M Gannon

Mrs R O’Callaghan 

Mr M McClean

Technical Staff  

Mr G Pickering

Mr S Gorman

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