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Key Stage Three

At Carrickfergus Academy, our vision goes beyond simply explaining music; we explore and enjoy music too, enabling and encouraging musicians of all abilities.  We aim to promote a positive attitude towards music and increase pupils’ confidence through an active involvement in music making.

Studying a wide range of genres, from Classical to Rock, Blues to Rap, Film Music to Samba, pupils will utilise a range of classroom instruments including keyboards, ukuleles and a variety of classroom percussion, to develop skills in performance, listening and composition.

Key Stage Four

Moving into Key Stage Four, pupils will refine their skills in the three fundamental musical areas they have learnt in Key Stage Three.  They will complete controlled assessment as two musical compositions and perform as both a soloist and an ensemble member.  Pupils listen to familiar and unfamiliar music through four areas of study:

- Western Classical Music 1600-1910

- Film Music

- Musical Traditions of Ireland

- Popular Music 1980 – Present Day

Subject Leader

Mrs S Walters BMus (Hons) DipLCM PGCE

Teaching Staff

Miss L Aicken M Ed B Mus (Hons) PGCE ALCM

Peripatetic Tutors

Brass: Mr R Clinton

Strings and Singing: Mrs S Graham

Woodwind and Piano: Mrs G Massey

Extra-Curricular Activities

Weekly rehearsal for:

  • Choir

  • Instrumental Ensemble

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